Fall Faves: The Best Sights and Sounds of the Season


Maya Mercadante and Caroline Habiger

As fall (and with it, Halloween) starts to roll around the corner, Caroline and I have decided to create the ultimate fall song playlist and Halloween movie must-watch list. I personally love fall because (1) sweats are finally normalized and (2) staying inside all day is a reasonable option. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, I dress like it’s winter wherever I go — my grey NDP sweatpants with my comfy navy blue NDP basketball sweatshirt (which I wear almost every day until my mom steals them to wash). Not only do I get to wear my sweats judgment free, but I can also listen to Halloween music (which is the second best holiday music, next to Christmas of course). Fall also brings a reason to watch endless Halloween movies and diverse genres, instead of a romantic gushy Christmas movie about two totally different people falling in love during Christmas (sorry, not sorry Hallmark).


Caroline’s top MOVIE picks:

  • “Twilight” —”Twilight” gets a lot of undeserved hate. Yes, there are some ridiculous lines (I’m looking at you, spider-monkey). Sure, the whole movie looks like it was shot with an Instagram filter on top of it, but name one other movie that depicts a vampire family baseball game with such accuracy — I’ll wait. “Twilight” has a lot of heart, and it’s the perfect movie to watch with your Robert Pattinson Tracksuit cardboard cutout. “Twilight” is available for free on Amazon Prime Video.
  • All of the “Halloweentown” movies — These four movies were released from 1998-2006, so chances are you didn’t necessarily watch these movies — at least when they first came out. But whether you watched the Disney Channel reruns growing up or not, these movies have an indescribable nostalgic feeling that will make you want to step outside with your Jack-O-Lantern candy bucket and trusty ghost sheet costume. You’re never too old for free candy. The “Halloweentown” movies are available on Disney+.
  • “Ghostbusters” — I have a confession to make (that you might have already guessed from my previous picks): horror is not my thing. So, when I think about iconic Halloween movies, “It” and “Psycho” don’t even cross my mind. Instead, I think of “Ghostbusters.” From its legendary theme song to its charming ’80s special effects, I think it’s safe to say we know “who we’re gonna call” when we need a classically fun movie come October 31. “Ghostbusters” is available to rent on Prime Video for $3.99.

Maya’s top MOVIE picks:

  • “Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin” — Besides this being a classic fall/Halloween movie, Charlie Brown will make you feel nostalgic and right back in your childhood for sure. With some witty humor and adorable characters, how do you not re-watch this movie every year?
  • “The Goonies” — This is such an iconic movie that it’s found televised almost every week no matter the time of year. This makes the list because fall feels like it calls for an adventure outside of the comfort of your home and “The Goonies” can do that with a scary, fun-filled, and friendly adventure to find gold with some crazy friends.
  • “The Mighty Ducks” — Who doesn’t love a feel-good sports movie, and especially one about ice hockey, too? “The Mighty Ducks” is so loveable and if you liked this movie I encourage you to watch the two sequels after — trust me, it’s worth it.

Maya’s top SONG picks:

  • “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood – I’ve recently been obsessed with all of The Neighbourhood songs and with a new album dropping last week they’ve been getting more popular. I recommend “Sweater Weather” because (1) IT IS SWEATER WEATHER and (2) it’s just a great song to vibe and listen to no matter what kind of mood you’re in.
  • “Sofia” by Clairo — Clairo has been a recent discovery of mine and honestly, she has such a nice voice and never fails to deliver on a song with some good vibes. It’s a great song to hum to or just sway with because the song has such a great beat.
  • “Take a Walk” by The Passion Pit — “Take a Walk” is a very upbeat and motivational song. I listen to it in the morning to start my day and it gives me fall vibes because fall is my favorite season to go on a walk or run outside (and luckily it’s cross country season, too, so you know this is on my running playlist).
  • “Blind” by ROLE MODEL — “Blind” recently blew up making it one of the top trending songs of the late summer but I say it makes the fall song list because it fits better with the theme of being on social media and staying inside.

Caroline’s top SONG picks

  • “Cardigan” by Taylor Swift — FALL IS SWIFTIE SEASON. Honestly, almost every song in “Folklore” should be on this list, because they all have a wonderful autumn vibe, but since there isn’t quite enough room to put 16 tracks here, I’m going to put “Cardigan” in as a placeholder. It’s literally named after a type of sweater — what more could you want from a fall song?
  • “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest — This is a song I could dance to any time of the year, but there’s something so magical about listening to it on a chilly October evening, maybe even dancing (alone in your backyard) in the moonlight.
  • “When My Time Comes” by Dawes — To me, this song screams falling asleep against school bus windows and romanticizing a walk through my neighborhood, crunching leaves, and sipping a Dunkaccino as I go.
  • “10/31” by The Altogether — The Altogether is one of my favorite bands. They have songs to pump you up in the mornings, songs to dance to, and songs to cry to. They have roots in Baltimore, so it’s safe to say they know what a Maryland autumn is like. Listen to this song when you want to remember the feeling of a normal fall during this unusual, socially distant one. Looking forward to a big Halloween celebration on Oct. 31, 2021!

Now more than ever, it’s worth it to keep the spirit of the season alive. Though we may not be able to do some of our favorite autumn activities or host Halloween parties this year, we should keep things the same in whatever ways we can. For us, that means throwing on a fall playlist as we do pretty much anything or cuddling up in our comfy pants and watching a movie with our families. However you choose to celebrate this Autumn, remember to stay safe and wear a mask! Happy watching and listening!


Check out the Fall Faves Playlist!