Chinese New Year

Kirsten Pizzico, Staff Writer

Chinese New Year will begin on January 22, 2023. This new year will be the year of the Rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit symbolizes luck. This suggests 2023 should be seen as a year to take opportunities and try new things, because luck is on your side. This year is the time to put your hopes and goals into action and get things done.

In 2023, there are many ways people are celebrating Chinese New Year. To start, on December 30, a festival called Laba will be celebrated and will mark the beginning of the Spring Festival. This celebration’s purpose it to pray to ancestors and gods for fortune and successful harvest. The next ceremony is called Little Year and will be celebrated on January 14. This day marks the beginning of preparation for the Lunar New Year. People prepare goods, clean, and pray to finish off the year and welcome the new one. This is followed by “winter-cleaning” the next day to put old behind and welcome the new. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, people start decorating their homes with red lanterns, paper cuttings, and New Years paintings. These decorations are put up in belief that they will keep away evil spirits and bring health and peace. As well, on this day, people offer sacrifices to their ancestors and have a reunion dinner as a family. After the reunion dinner, it is tradition to give children red envelopes with money. When the New Year begins, it is believed that how one acts on the first day will affect the rest of their year. On New Year’s, everyone wears new clothes and greet each other from their homes. Many festivities take place like Lion and Dragon Dances. Public celebrations in parks and temple fairs take place.

Chinese New Year is a time of reflection and celebration with one’s family and loved ones. It is a tradition to welcoming the New Year for families all over, and is the renewal for new beginnings.