Fall Sports: Recap!

Fall Sports: Recap!

Heather Meeder, Staff Writer

“I can’t believe fall sports are over,” an NDP student exclaimed. But this fall season was one of the most successful seasons here at NDP. Field Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Crew and Cross Country all made great goals and really represented NDP well. This article will give you a recap on all the seasons.

This field hockey season was a very successful one. They were ranked fourth in the IAAM conference and went to the semi-finals, where they lost to Spalding, the top seed. They played their hearts out and truly showed they were meant to be in the A conference. With a losing season in the 2014 year, they proved themselves as a “force to be reckoned with,” and truly demonstrated their hard work and excitement!

Volleyball this year was fantastic, going to the championship game at Roland Park and sadly losing, but playing their hearts out none the less. They were the top seed in their IAAM A Conference and played with the most spirit and heart! Their team was so organized, and their technique during all of their games was impeccable! They will definitely miss the seniors next year but will still be a strong force.

The soccer team, conditioned, fast, speedy and intense, went to the finals to play against McDonogh…again! They played fantastically against them, but unfortunately lost 4-0, although they demonstrated great attitude and all-around gave all their heart into the game. With their hard work and dedication, they were ranked number two.

Tennis had a great season at NDP, one of the best yet. They played hard to try to get to the championships and practiced day after day on their serve and positioning. Their coach called this “his favorite season yet.”

The crew team had a great season. Mackenzie White, a sophomore, explained to me about crew: “I’ve done Crew for one year now, and I’ve made some friendships I will never forget! It’s not only fun, but it is also a time to bond with my NDP sisters. Everyone who goes to NDP should join crew because it rocks!”

Lastly, Cross Country had one of their most successful seasons. They were third in the state in championships and were always first in all their meets. They trained hard every day and truly showed the great contrast between the individual and team sport.

As you can see, NDP sports teams should be so proud and happy for their accomplishments, as well as their continued sportsmanship. We are all looking forward to winter sports and what our girls will offer and provide for our athletics then. Go Blazers!