Same Title, Different Story

Same Title, Different Story

Ruby Baden , Review Writer

I really loved the Divergent series when they were a book, so when they came out as a movie, I had to see it. Insurgent, the second book and movie of the trilogy recently came out, and I headed straight for the theater.

Insurgent was a great book. Insurgent was also a great movie. But the recent movie was not like the book at all. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not possible to get a 400 page book into a two hour movie; some things will have to be altered. These were not just some minor alterations; this was a new plot. The movie still had all of the same characters, but what they did on screen did not correlate to what they did in the text. Despite this major shift, the movie was still an action-packed adventure.

The special effects were phenomenal. A majority of the movie takes place during on one of Tris’s simulations, which uses extensive amounts of the special effects to capture the imaginative scenes. It was extremely realistic and just amazing.

The action in this movie is constant. There is never a lull. The movie may not be the book I loved, but it was still a really entertaining movie that stood on its own.