Women’s History Month And How To Honor It



Women’s History Month is a celebration to commemorate women’s contribution to history, culture, and society. It honors and recognizes the struggles and oppressed past of women and how they overcame it.

Women’s History Month started as a celebrated week in March in the 1970s to raise awareness that women’s history was not being taught in the K-12 educational system. It was celebrated with informational presentations in classrooms, essay contests, and a celebratory parade held in Santa Rosa, California. In 1980, President Carter declared the week of March 8th National Women’s History Week. Afterwards, this week received much political support and began to be celebrated by more organizations. State departments of education encouraged these celebrations to improve the ideals of equality. It took another seven years before National Women’s History Month was put into effect. Now, a Presidential Proclamation is issued each year in March to honor the achievements of American women.

There are many ways to celebrate and honor Women’s History Month. One is education. Watching a movie, reading a novel, listening to a podcast or Ted Talk could be really influential on the views of women and their importance. It is important to know the impact women have had on not only our country, but on the world. This year, the National Women’s History Month Museum will have a virtual tour available that shows its online exhibits and digital resources like articles. One impactful way to celebrate this month is by taking action. Support women-owned businesses and participate in activist movements. When given a voice, use it. A contribution as simple as donating some money to organizations that support women can make all the difference. Speak out, be aware of the accomplishments of women, and learn so that the world as a whole can grow.