How to Stay Warm This Winter


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Mary Lorenz, Staff Writer

As frost is beginning to settle on windshields, and sweatpants are becoming a necessity in the morning, here are some helpful tips to stay warm this winter.

  1. Always keep an extra jacket/sweatshirt in the car – Even though it might be cold from sitting in the car overnight, it is better to be prepared with an extra layer when it is colder than you might expect.
  2. Make sure to wear an insulating layer – A layer that will stay close to your body to keep the warmth inside is essential as the temperatures drop.
  3. Think about darkness – As it gets darker earlier every night, it also gets colder earlier every night. Be sure to look at the temperature for the whole day, not just the sunny parts to be sure you are prepared.
  4. Get some fuzzy socks – Most of us have enough sweatshirts, but often forget about our feet. Socks are cheap and easy to buy, so investing in several pairs will ensure your insulation until spring.
  5. Wear earmuffs – A lot of people may not like hats, but earmuffs are a hat’s more practical cousin. Earmuffs keep your ears and forehead warm without being bulky. Plus, they are small enough to fit into a jacket pocket.
  6. If you go somewhere you are unfamiliar with, bring a sweatshirt – As a perpetually freezing person, I live by this rule. Any places you haven’t been to before call for an emergency layer, even if the event is inside. You never know.
  7. Have a warm drink – Winter is a great excuse for an extra hot chocolate or coffee. They are especially effective after being outside for a long time.
  8. Wear as many layers as possible – If you’re worried that you might be too hot, just wear multiple layers that you can adjust. Make sure that each layer is a little bigger than the last so that you are not strangling yourself, though.

As a bonus, here are some benefits of winter to remember right when you think you won’t make it to spring.

  1. Pockets! Half the time, you don’t even need a bag, because you have enough pockets for your phone, keys, wallet, and more.
  2. Snow days! Free chances to get caught up on sleep, especially when you don’t expect it, are always welcome.
  3. Christmas music! From now until New Year’s, you can blast your favorite Christmas tunes. Because so many artists, genres, and orchestras have made their own version, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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