Earth Week


Emily Grasso, Staff Writer

So, as most everyone is aware by now, we are just about to begin Earth Week. It is a time to embrace the land we have been given and also to  remember that it is our job to protect it. During the course of the week there will be a topic addressed by a member of the Environmental Club over the announcements. The Environmental Club is in charge of all of the events of the week. On Monday they will be talking about water conservation. There will be interesting facts about water, and a water bottle collection that will run until Friday when the total will be counted up. During Tuesday they will discuss sustainable food, and there will be a food sale. Wednesday is going to be “No Waste Lunch Day,” and they encourage everyone to bring their lunch in plastic containers instead of wrappers and paper bags. Thursday is the fated “Blackout Day” where the electricity will be turned off during the whole day. On Friday, the last day of Earth Week, the topic is Endangered Species. The girls that went to the Sloth Sanctuary will show the school a brief presentation about their trip and the sloths. This is also the day of the Electronics Recycling drive, and you can learn more about that here: And to top it all off, you can wear green accessories on Friday. All in all, Earth Week is a fun week to get together with your friends to make the world a better place.