Music Monthly: May 2023

Music Monthly: May 2023

Lily Ismay, Staff Writer

Hello, everyone!

Congratulations to the music groups that recently performed in Nashville and swept the categories! With APs coming up, go easy on yourselves and remember to practice self-care.


1. “Everywhere”- Fleetwood Mac

  • This 1987 hit is so timeless
  • “We better make a startYou better make it soonBefore you break my heart”

2. “The View Between Villages” – Noah Kahan

  • I’ve had songs by Noah Kahan on previous Music Monthly playlists but this one is one of my favorites!
  • “t’s just me and the curve of the valleyAnd there is meaning on Earth, I am happy”

3. “The Otter” – Caamp

  • I got introduced to Caamp when they opened for The Lumineers last summer and have been listening to them ever since!
  • “And I know that I love herFor the stars and all they coverHave told me of no otherQuite like her”

4. “$20” – Boygenius

  • The new Boygenius album has been on repeat for me since it came out!
  • Boygenius is made up of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. Their music ranges from sad songs to listen to alone at midnight to more upbeat songs to listen to with friends!

Listen to the rest of the playlist here.