Preparing for Lent: Pray, Fast, Serve

Olivia Sobkowicz, Staff Writer

Easter is coming, and we are preparing to celebrate one of the most popular holidays in the Catholic Church. Stores are beginning to come out with their yearly supply of candy and decorations, but there’s so much more to Easter than just the iconic bunny and baskets. We are celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Leading up to that amazing day, where we go to church to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, we celebrate Lent.

Lent is the liturgical season in religious churches that marks the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert, alone and fasting, while the devil tried to tempt him. This year, Lent starts on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022. Like during Advent, priests will wear purple vestments during masses throughout the 40 days of Lent. Purple vestments represent a time of preparation and repentance in the church, two things that we think about during this season. During these 40 days, as religious believers, we give up something, or fast, just as Jesus did. Normally, people will give up doing or eating something and replace it with time to pray. During this time of fasting, Catholics give up eating all meats, except for fish, on Fridays.

As we make our way through the celebrations and the special days that are in Lent, let us begin to think about what is taking up too much of our time in life. Lent is about fasting, giving up something that means a lot to you. An examples that I have seen before is using your phone less. We always say we’re going to do this, but we don’t. Another option is to shave off time to spend with your family. That could mean hanging out with your friends just a little less and replacing it with time for your family. Another idea is to add something to your life. Lent isn’t just about praying and fasting. It’s also about helping others less fortunate than yourself. Find a local volunteer program and help out.

Last year, Lent was different. Special days in Lent, such as Ash Wednesday, were not the same, but this year, we are getting closer and closer to bringing back some form of normalcy. This year, during the season of Lent, be more thoughtful about what you give up for those 40 days and stick with it. Pray more and reflect on what God has done for you. Help those who are in need and prepare for one of the most glorious days in our religion.