New Activities to Try in the Summer

Reilly White, Staff Writer

Summer is perfect for trying new activities. There is more time and opportunity to experience things you’ve always wanted to do. Unfortunately, last year these opportunities were limited on account of COVID-19. Thankfully, things are looking better this year because of the vaccine and new entertainment will be reachable. Here are some new activities for everyone that you should definitely try in the summer.

1. Goat yoga

Goat yoga is perfect for any Zen animal lover. It’s like normal yoga, but during the class, goats wander and interact with the yogis, possibly walking on their backs. This is a unique and hilarious activity that can make any day instantly better. Who wouldn’t want to combine stretching and goats?

2. Roller skating

There is more to roller skating than falling. This is a super fun alternative to riding a bike that you can try at the beach or just around your neighborhood with friends. Roller skating is guaranteed to add some excitement to your day. Be sure to wear safety gear!

3. Rafting

Rafting is the kind of activity that you put on a bucket list, next to other moderately extreme outdoor ventures. Disclaimer: most rafting is almost effortless. You simply float around a river. Although if you would prefer something more adventurous, you can customize your experience — from paddle rafting, whitewater rafting, to riding “duckies” — based on where and how you decide to raft.

4. Outdoor Picnic

It’s easy, original, and a summer necessity. You know how it works. Have an outdoor picnic in a nearby park with your friends, or on the beach. If you have nothing to do on a nice day, this is the perfect activity.

5. Mini golf

If someone says mini golf isn’t fun, they are lying. Mini golf is a great activity to try with friends that is inexpensive and convenient. If you’re not familiar with it, here is how it works: you try to hit your ball through the obstacle course. That’s it! It’s a straightforward and entertaining game that you won’t want to stop playing.

Make sure to try goat yoga, roller skating, rafting, having an outdoor picnic, and mini golf this summer. There are so many more fun activities out there too, so you’ll no longer have an excuse for being bored. Stay safe, and enjoy the summer!