Remeber Me?

Erin Diehl, Contributing Writer

Faint pen strokes coat my blank page

A long-forgotten tradition for those of every age

From lengthy passages to simple, scribbled notes

My deepest thoughts are right here, read what they wrote!


Whether it be impeccable cursive or illegible markings,

Nothing will trump the sweet times I am remarking.

A cherished voice sprawled across my lengthy arms

Though you, my lax recipient, have neglected all of my enchanting charms.


I lie, sequestered beneath the rubble of your stuffed drawers

Or mercilessly crumpled on your disheveled bedroom floor.

No time for my words, no, not even a fleeting second!

Yet your days are swamped by worthless desires; your idolized phone beckons.


Why! Why bury my brothers and sisters? Can’t you allow them to stay?

Is it because you have surrendered care for loved ones who went out of their way?

They chiseled out time of their busy lives just for you!

Though here I am, deep in your hidden subconscious, the only place I will ever be held true.


You may think I am frivolous, no longer have a need

But, how would you know? You have ignored me indeed!

I tie you with those miles away, not physically together

For that is my joy, being a handwritten letter.