Humans of NDP (in New York pre quarantine)


Grace Hayden lounges with a view of New York City.

Lei Danielle Escobal, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It seems decades ago that the senior class journeyed through New York this past January. As we are spending our last days of our senior year at home due to COVID-19 quarantine, the memories the senior class of 2020 are held a little closer to their hearts during this time. Here’s what they have to say:






Eileen: “Sometime between accidentally touching a stranger’s hand on the subway and watching people stare as 130 strong women strutted into ‘Mean Girls,’ I realized it didn’t matter where we were. The best part of the best city was that I could be with my best friends for three days. And, the restaurant fully dedicated to Mac n Cheese, of course.”













Grace: “My time in New York was such a blessing! I loved being with all my best friends and sisters, and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. My class really lit up on this trip, and I felt how close everyone got during and after it. I miss every second of laughing too loud in our hotel room and roaming the streets trying to pick the perfect place to eat. Above all, I’m so grateful my class had the chance to experience this great tradition in full and gain so much independence!”















Gloria: “What I miss most about New York is the feeling of the excitement from having the freedom to explore, but more importantly that I got to share that feeling with the people I care most about. Every moment was an adventure that I knew I would cherish as my friends and I took a step into the reality of life after high school.”