Gym Meet 2020


Madison Villarba, Staff Writer

As I was first applying to NDP, I spoke to many people about the school. However, the one tradition that I heard most about was Gym Meet. As February came and Gym Meet practices began, I was so excited for the day to arrive. And now that it’s happened, I’m happy to say that Gym Meet did not disappoint. The week leading up to March 6 and 7 was certainly an exciting one. Going from dress rehearsal to Mini Meet to the actual event on Friday and Saturday night, the week was filled with fun activities, one after the other.

Festivities began on Tuesday with practice during the morning and dress rehearsal in the afternoon. It was amazing to see the poster reveal, each grade’s poster committee having done such an amazing job. The four themes, 2020 Vision, Junior on Mount Olympus, Sophomore Sorcery, and 23 Safari were very well portrayed by each class’ poster. In the afternoon, it was so fun to see the four classes coming together. Every aspect of Gym Meet was so fun to watch and be a part of.

Next, Mini Meet was on Wednesday. It was amazing seeing all of the girls sporting their class colors in the hallways during the school day. And after the school day, Mini Meet commenced. It was certainly a success, and it was such an enjoyable event for the students, the alumnae, and prospective NDP girls. The spirit and the genuine enjoyment of the day was felt by all.

Finally, the days that we were waiting for arrived. The school day ended with Gym Meet Liturgy, and the girls left school, excited for what was to come. Everyone gave an amazing opening performance for the freshman and sophomore parents. For the freshmen especially, our first Gym Meet performance has made such a great memory. On Saturday, the students gave an equally amazing performance for the junior and senior parents. And after all the performances, we finally found out the results of Gym Meet 2020. The seniors won the march, song, and aerobics plaque, and the juniors won the dance plaque. And the result everyone was most excited for was the winner of the coveted silver cup: the Seniors! A huge congratulations to all of the girls for all their dedication and teamwork.

Centered around teamwork, spirit, and community, Gym Meet has definitely been one of my favorite memories thus far. With everything that I’ve seen the past few weeks, I think it’s safe to say that I can’t wait to see what the coming years will bring.