Innovation Wing Opening

Christina Biuckians, Staff Writer

With midterms being finished and in the past, Notre Dame Prep students have lots of new starts. A new semester, new grades, new material, some new classes, and even a new building!

On Monday, January 27, 2020, Notre Dame Preparatory School opened to their students the new Innovation Wing, a project that has been in the works since well before last year. It features a biomedical lab, many interactive classrooms, an innovation room, a recording studio, and floor to ceiling windows in the hallway.

Right away, some students were lucky enough to utilize this wonderful space in their classes. A digital media student, Summer Nelson, shared with us her experiences in the new wing: “Since Notre Dame Prep has now expanded to the Innovation Wing, the Digital Media classroom allows for an interactive environment for my peers and myself to excel.  With the addition of five new Mac computers, these technologically-improved classrooms have opened new possibilities where I can excel in photography and topics in digital media.”

In addition to digital media, some art, science, and humanities classes have moved into the new wing. Even if a student doesn’t attend classes in the wing, there is still space to spend free time working, creating, and designing there, and the couches are almost always occupied. While the new improvements seem to fulfill everything a girl could dream of for a design space, there is another bonus: less travel time! So, the new wing doesn’t only allow for a student’s creative side to thrive, but also helps in travel from the English wing to the science and language wings.

The Innovation Wing is truly a blessing to all students at NDP and will aid students in finding their passions and talents that will last them a lifestyle. It firmly supports NDP’s mission of educating girls who will become women to transform the world.