Chesapeake’s “Puffs” Review

Cheyenne Lustig, Guest Writer, South River

They’re not a threat and they want to be your friend! The cast and crew of Chesapeake’s “Puffs” keep the audience laughing with their hilarious show.

Based on the Harry Potter series, the show follows the Puffs, who are the students at the school of magic that no one really pays attention to. The story plays out as the trio of Wayne, Oliver, and Megan study magic for seven years, and it gets crazier, more dangerous, and filled with that awesome teenage awkwardness.

The incredible set, lights, and props really make Chesapeake’s production stand out from other shows. There is incredible attention to detail, from the piping and electrical on the set walls to the light up wands which were hand made by tech for the show. The entire cast’s energy was also great; they truly kept the audience laughing every minute of the show.

Dylan Janik (Wayne Hopkins) truly embodied the spirit of his character; he was hilarious and the chemistry between him and the rest of the cast made the show truly enjoyable. Abby Dobry (Megan Jones) portrayed the dark, broody energy for her character that every dark and broody teenager wishes they had. Additionally, Anthony Martinez (Oliver Rivers) had comedic timing that was on point for every line and bit he had.

The entire ensemble did a fantastic job! Heather Suesse as Leeane truly stood out due to her high energy and peppy spirit, which played out very well. Alex Simon as J. Finch Fletchley was hilarious and his reactions were always funny to see. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Marc McCarthy throwing down some sick Russian dance moves as Viktor, a fun little feature during one of the scenes.

Tech, as earlier highlighted, was fantastic. The sets looked like something straight off Broadway, with distinct doors for each house/team that were also versatile as exits and platforms. The lighting and sound effects were timed up perfectly, and most memorably was a scene in which the narrator fights the monster when the lighting perfectly silhouette’s her frame.

Chesapeake’s production of “Puffs” was hilarious and an ever-nostalgic nod to anyone who loves the world of Harry Potter. Their well timed delivery and high energy cast made the show truly enjoyable, and made the show one that should be on your schedule to see before it closes!