Sisterly Advice: Volume 3 Edition 1


Sharon , Karen, and Carol

I was supposed to bring a boy to a dance but he flaked and I still want to be friends. What should I do? 

— Tacky Timothy 

Sharon: Dear Tacky Timothy, Drop him like it’s hot. 

Karen: Dear Tacky Timothy, I would suggest having a conversation with him and ask him why he flaked on you, because that’s not a cool thing to do. If he’s genuinely sorry, I would forgive him and continue the friendship. However, if he isn’t, I would think long and hard about continuing to be his friend. Flaking on you unapologetically could be a red flag, and you don’t want him to act like that later on in the friendship. 

Carol: Dear Tacky Timothy, Did this boy give you a reason for flaking on you? Or did he just not show up and you haven’t talked since? If he gave a sincere reason, then he most likely wanted to come, but had another commitment. I see no harm in continuing to be friends with him. If he didn’t give any reason/excuse and is being a jerk to you afterwards, then that isn’t a friendship I would recommend. Either way, just make sure he is kind to you and doesn’t treat you in the same way he did at the dance.  


Does my boyfriend still like me? 

— Crazy Carol 

Sharon: Hi Crazy Carol, The way I like to settle this is by finding a flower and picking off petals one by one. As you pick off each petal, switch between saying “He loves me” and “He loves me not.” Whichever you say last is your answer. Best of luck! (P.S. The flower never lies) 

Karen: Hi Carol, Since I don’t know you or your boyfriend, unfortunately, I don’t think I can answer this question for you. However, if you have a feeling your relationship is getting a little rocky, I would suggest talking to him and bringing up your concerns about your relationship. Remember, communication is key to a healthy relationship! 

Carol: Dear Crazy Carol, I have to agree with Karen on this one: talk with your boyfriend about your concerns. My guess is that he does still like you if you are still together. However, if you suspect that he might be losing interest, try to be open and honest with him. It’s also really important that you don’t try to force your relationship if it’s not working anymore. If he doesn’t still like you, maybe consider taking a break. Don’t worry too much or overthink; everything will work out the way it is supposed to! 


The guy I like is a sophomore, but I’m in a higher grade. How do I handle other people’s opinions? 

— Happy Harriet 

Sharon: Dear Happy Harriet, Try the rule given by Max O’Rell in Her Royal Highness Woman from 1901. Take half your age plus seven. If he is below the result, the relationship is classified as “indecent,” and your friends may have observed this. 

Karen: Dear Happy Harriet, I think it depends on the guy. If he’s immature, I would consider waiting until you both are older to begin a relationship. If he is at your maturity level and you really like him, then go for it. 

Carol: Dear Happy Harriet, If you’re happy, then I wouldn’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. It’s really none of their business and a 1-2 year age gap isn’t a big deal. Just know that if people are being judgmental, then they are probably insecure about themselves. Don’t let it get to you and best of luck! 


What do you do when you’re the only single one in your friend group? 

—  Single Sally  

Sharon: Dear Single Sally, Cry. 

Karen: Hi, Sally, I know it can be hard, but know that not having a boyfriend does not define you. There is plenty of time later in life for that. Right now, focus on yourself! Try new things, develop new hobbies, and accomplish your personal goals.  

Carol: Dear Single Sally, You have plenty of time for a boyfriend, so don’t despair! I know it can be hard if it seems like everyone around you is in a relationship, but I promise you are not the only single one! Use this time to focus on school, friends, and extracurriculars. If your friends start talking about their boyfriends, try to change the subject. It might also help to schedule fun things to do with your friends outside of school so you don’t feel left out or lonely.


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