Get in the Swing of Spring!


Elizabeth Weir, Staff Writer

Haven’t caught the spring fever yet? These 4 fun & easy activities are 100% guaranteed to get you 100% in the swing of the season.

  1. Too lazy to keep a garden? Get some green in the comfort of your air-conditioned room with a potted succulent! They look beautiful and are very self-sufficient — you hardly need to remember to water them, as long as they’re getting sunshine.
  2. With all the green outside, why not have some on your plate? Add some color to your food with avocados, sugar snap peas, spinach, carrots, pineapples, or an acai bowl. Or, if you’re partial to less healthy indulgences, have some Peeps, jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs, or anything pastel-colored.
  3. Wherever there’s cardboard and glitter, there’s a craft waiting to happen. Make something simple to brighten up your room like a windchime of beads on string, a fairy garden of popsicle sticks, an origami flower, a dollar-store birdhouse, a painted rock, or just a coloring page that you’ve done. Just enjoy the outdoors!
  4. Do those little things like looking for four-leaf clovers, spotting rainbows, picking wildflowers, listening for birds, and opening your window to let in a breath of spring.