9 Things to Know for 2019 Penny Queen

Maria Welzant, Staff Writer

It’s the end of Penny Queen week, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the delicious food, hilarious costumes, and supporting some wonderful causes! Penny Queen has been an NDP tradition since the 1970s and continues to be one of the best NDP traditions.  So here’s what you need to know about this year’s Penny Queen Week…

  1. The queens this year are Isabella Conoscenti (Freshman), Ellie deFries (Sophomore), Caroline Bender (Junior), and Sarah Sudano (Senior).
  2. All of the proceeds go towards three amazing causes. The first helps provide scholarships for students in high school and college in El Salvador. The second helps fund our own Club and Camp Umoja. The third goes towards The Josanna Abromaitis Service Endowment, which helps provide financial support for our service programs, projects, and delegation trips at NDP!
  3. There will be some contests within the overall Penny Queen contest this year. First, on Tuesday, there is a contest to fill up each class’s coin bucket (the Juniors won), and the winning class gets a dress down day! The second is a Spirit of Penny Queen contest. The class with the most excitement, support, encouragement, and best teamwork will win a monetary donation to help their overall funds! The winning class will be determined by the teachers.
  4. Last year’s Penny Queen raised over $21,000!
  5. This year, not one but two of our Penny Queens have relatives who used to wear the crown! Both Ellie deFries’s and Sarah Sudano’s mothers served as former Penny Queens when they attended NDP. (Sarah also has a cousin who was one, too!)
  6. What the queens are most excited about: Isabella says that she’s super excited to give money to the amazing causes as well as having fun and leading her class. Ellie says that she’s excited for the dares and all of the food. Caroline says that she’s most excited for her restaurant night and supporting such important causes. Sarah says that she’s excited for the entire week, especially during the lunches. Also, for the excitement that happens when we all come together to support such great causes!
  7. A great way to help with Penny Queen is by helping count money after school! This is an awesome way to bond together with your class and show your support for Penny Queen!
  8. The class that makes the most money wins the Penny Queen banner!
  9. I hope you brought some money to support your class!