Tree Trim 2018


Ms. Carrie Burns

Moraa Nyakoe, Staff Writer

Tree Trim. There is no way to fully capture the day. The fun begins as everyone comes into school and reveals what holiday sweater tickled their fancy this year. The variety ranges from “Oh Deer” sweaters to reversible sequined sweaters. No matter what the sweater may be,  it’s always a delight to finally acknowledge Christmas and for everyone to feel cozy in their warm sweaters. Although the school day is fun and exciting, the real hype comes at 3 p.m. Students pour out of classrooms, hurriedly looking out for the best seat in the foyer. With Rudolph ears and red noses, it is now time for the fun to begin.

This year, the hosts of Tree Trim were Gabby Bognet, Margaret Schiavone, and Liliana Callahan. As they prepared their act, everyone sat excitedly waiting for the first joke and the sound of laughter to vibrate through the foyer. And then it came and the energy did not die down until the end. The show was not quite over yet, as everyone was waiting for Santa Claus! As he entered the foyer, the room erupted in cheers. He oddly resembled Mr. Hudson.

Of course Tree Trim is not complete without cookies and cider. As the students filed into the cafeteria, it was evident that everyone was content. Pictures were taken, cookies were consumed, and Santa was seen. Tree Trim 2018 was complete.