What To Get For Christmas 2018

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What To Get For Christmas 2018

Ms. Carrie Burns

Ms. Carrie Burns

Ms. Carrie Burns

Julia Marine, Staff Writer

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Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s shopping season! Whether they are intended for friends and family or for yourself, here are some great gifts to purchase for the holidays:

1. Go to redbubble.com and shop a variety of stickers!


2. Get this practical planner which comes in all different styles to write down all of your upcoming events for 2019.


3. Buy an elegant plant like this Exotic Jaboticaba Bonsai to enliven any room.


4. These Sakura Gelly Roll pens are perfect for art projects or color coding notes!


5. Get a cozy winter blanket for your family and friends! This “Bedsure” blanket comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


6. If you have a large budget and love makeup, consider getting the iconic James Charles palette from Morphe.


7. These sneakers have been popular this year and come in four different colors: gray, green, pink, and red. The perfect shoes for 2019!



Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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