AP Part 2: APUSH

AP Part 2: APUSH

Mary Lorenz, Staff Writer

The second part of the AP series takes a closer look at a popular AP for many NDP students.

We interviewed resident AP US History (APUSH) experts Mrs. Grooms and Mr. Ellis. This is what they had to say about the exam.

If you had to chose, what is the single best strategy to employ during the actual exam?

Mrs. Grooms: Time management in deciding both when to study and what to study.

Mr. Ellis: Like most tests, don’t dwell on a question that you don’t know. Skip it and move on. Most importantly, breathe. This exam does not define you.

What is one topic that you think students spend too much time reviewing?

Mrs. Grooms: Minute, irrelevant details

Mr. Ellis: Probably the wars. Wars are such big events that it seems imperative to know everything you can about them. The thing is, the only thing tested about wars is the cause and effect. The wars themselves are not tested.

What is one topic that you think students don’t spend enough time reviewing?

Mrs. Grooms: Broader themes of history/making connections between time periods.

Mr. Ellis: Cultural issues and reform movements.

Are they any specific strategies you recommend? Any you don’t?

Mrs. Grooms: Don’t re-read any textbook! Do use your review book summaries as a guide. Don’t change the way you’ve been studying if it works for you! Do focus on what you don’t know/understand first! Most importantly, get enough sleep the night before the exam AND eat breakfast!!!!

Mr. Ellis: Get sleep and eat a good breakfast. If you’re not feeling healthy and rested, you’re not going to be at your best. DO NOT stress too much. This is only a test.

Rapid Fire

George or Abe?

Mrs. Grooms: Abe

Mr. Ellis: Abraham Washington

Constitution or Declaration?

Mrs. Grooms: Constitution

Mr. Ellis: Constitution

Revolutionary War or Civil War?

Mrs. Grooms: Civil War

Mr. Ellis: Revolutionary War

Period 1 or Period 9?

Mrs. Grooms: Period 1

Mr. Ellis: Period 1…all day.

DBQ or Long Essay?

Mrs. Grooms: DBQ

Mr. Ellis: DBQ