April Fools’ Day Jokes

Fun pranks for April 1st

Alexandra Docken, Staff Writer

April is right around the corner! It seems like 2018 just started, but we’re already three months in. In light of the coming month, it’s time to prepare for April 1; better known as April Fools’ Day!

Below, find some fun (but harmless) jokes to use on your friends and family!

Insect Lamp!
Try cutting out the shape of a bug (preferably heavy paper) and tape it to the inside of a lampshade. The shadow from inside will surely freak out whoever sees it!


Caramel Onions!

This one is simple; peel a few onions and stab a few popsicle sticks in ’em. Next, dip the “apples” into some liquid caramel and set them out as a “sweet treat!”


Surprise Ice!

Grab an ice tray, fill the sections with water, and plop some mentos in. Offer to get some ice for someone drinking a soda…


Useless Soap!

Using a clear nail polish or top coat, carefully paint the surface of a bar of soap with a THICK layer of polish. Leave it in the shower and wait. The user will have a tough time trying to make some suds!


Family Photos?

Print out some faces (I recommend Steve Buscemi, Macaulay Carson Culkin, Mr. Bean, Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, or foreign political leaders) and find some frames. Open the backs and stick the photos in the front. Place them around the house and wait for someone to notice. [I have personally done this, and it took weeks for anyone to notice the obvious ones covering baby and wedding photos. There is still an image of Mr. Bean above my piano that has been on display for around nine months without notice (: ]



If you have an old baby monitor set, place the speaker end somewhere near your victim and keep the microphone end with you. Then, have fun! I recommend meowing. Not as frightening as sudden screaming or ghost noises, but then you get to watch them search for a cat.


[*note- this is NOT the same as walkie talkies!*]

Secret Trail

This one will be over the course of a few days. Start leaving pennies (or any coin) in various places for them to find. Continue to increase the amount and make the placement increasingly weird (e.g. bathroom, plant, pillow, etc). Eventually, leave a giant pile of pennies. The entire time, act like you have no idea what is happening.


App Move

For this one, you’ll need access to the victim’s phone… Start by taking a screenshot of the home screen. Next, move all the apps from the screen into a folder on the next page. Then, set the original screenshot as the background! Enjoy watching their fruitless attempts to click the apps!


They’re All Watching You

This one is also simple, but requires a LOT of googly eyes… To make a long explanation short, just place googly eyes on everything. Items in the fridge, the furniture, pencils, windows, pictures, shoes, you name it. (Having various sizes helps in this process)



You’ll need: 1 sheet of paper, 1 sharpie, 1 piece of tape, a door, and a gullible person.

Write “PUSH” on the paper and tape it on a pull door (or vice versa). Watch as they try effortlessly to open the door. *high five*


Have fun and make good choices!