Future Hearts: A Future Success?


Maddie Tewey, Opinion Writer

All Time Low has a new album- nice. This classic pop punk band was born and raised right here in Baltimore, Maryland. Known for their smash hit, “Dear Maria,” the band has gained worldwide fame and toured across several continents. Formed in 2003, All Time Low’s music often talks about average teenage troubles and growing up, and now in their mid-twenties, their newest album, Future Hearts, talks about feeling like a kid still in the “real” world.

After a divisive conflict in their fandom over their first album on a major label, Dirty Work, which seemed to tend more towards pop than their pop punk roots, Future Hearts is a refreshing album that (mostly) everyone can agree on. It really feels like a pop punk album again, even including vocal assistance from (prepare your pop punk minds) Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus in the album’s main ballad “Tidal Waves.”

And the rebellious teenage phase is, as always, present in these tracks. I mean, one of the first tracks on the album is called “Kids in the Dark.” Filled with lyrics young teens will be writing on their walls in sharpie for the next decade, this song encompasses the rebellious feeling that a young person encounters in today’s environment. The whole album truly does give the sense that “Something’s Gotta Give,” but in a much more mature way. All Time Low has done it again, folks.