Freshman’s First Gym Meet


Maddie Tewey, Student Life Writer

Gym Meet is arguably the most important event every year at NDP, so important it is almost a trademark. As freshmen, my class and I experienced the joy, the stress, and the incredible spirit that comes with Gym Meet. From the beginning of practices, the entire class knew that Gym Meet was going to be a huge commitment. With about four practices a week for a month, everyone was scrambling to keep up on school work and after school sports, while also trying to learn the dance and aerobics routines. However, as time went on, this seemingly impossible amount of stress was eased by the teamwork and spirit of the freshman class. Our main goal was to show, even from our first appearance, that we are not an easy class to beat. Linh Tran, who was on poster committee said, “It was stressful at first, but the end result was better than I expected. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I got to know so many more people!” Gym Meet has bonded our class for the first time like nothing else, and the freshman class is ready for the years to come!


Journalism Facts:

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