7th Grade Retreat

Mary Lorenz, Middle Level Writer

On October 23, 2013, the seventh grade began their second retreat together as a class. The day started out with a prayer service, where the theme, seeing ourselves as God sees us, was revealed. After that, the game Four Winds Blow followed. The game definitely got us excited for the day to come. Following that was time to break into small groups with girls we didn’t know as well as our closest friends. We were asked questions such as what do you struggle most with? Everyone got a chance to answer, and we learned even more about our sisters. The Fashion Show was probably the most eventful activity of the day. We all picked a model and items to put on the model that represented certain things, such as a safari hat representing an adventurous personality. Once the group activities for the morning were finished, we all made a box, half of it being how others see us, and half of it being how we see ourselves. After a delicious lunch, we had time to go outside and play games. The short time that was left was spent reflecting on how God sees us, and the movie Martian Child made us see that our belongings are a lot less important than each other. Finally, we ended in a prayer service. The entire day was a great way to just slow down and look back at what we’ve done, and what we would like to do in the future.photo 1photo 2photo 3