Jumping into Earth Week 2012

Elizabeth Galbreath, Opinion Editor

As soon as we come back from Spring Break, Earth Week 2012 will kick off! This year’s Earth Week is new and improved with exciting new details to get the community excited about the week celebrating our planet. The Environmental Club has worked very hard this year to make Earth Week even bigger and better.  As a certified Green School, this week is extremely important to us. Every day, there will be a little set-up by the Environmental Club in the foyer where students can buy raffle tickets for a basket. The basket will contain multiple local, organic, recyclable and/or natural items such as reusable bags and water bottles. Environmental Club members will also be creating displays to help students learn about the daily themes.

With different themes every day, the NDP community will be extremely involved in Earth Week 2012. Monday will be a day focused on natural, organic and local products. There will be cheese samples in the foyer from Hawks Hill Creamery, a local farm located in Harford County. On Tuesday, the Notre Dame tradition of “Black-Out Day” will continue as we raise awareness of climate change. Endangered species will be Wednesday’s focus as the Environmental Club will host a bake sale with profits going to adopt an animal from either the Maryland Zoo or from the National Aquarium. Students will vote on which animal they will adopt with choices of a Sea Turtle, Dolphin, African Elephant or a Polar Bear. The beauty of Earth is Thursday’s theme, which includes the student body wearing green over their uniforms. Disney Earth will be playing in the auditorium during lunch mods for students to enjoy as well. Friday’s focus will be on recycling and the annual Electronics Recycling Fundraiser will take place from 7:30 am to 9 am.

The Environmental Club hopes to make this year’s Earth Week a success by getting the school involved in celebrating the planet we call home.