Join the Club

Some people believe that colleges and universities really look into a student’s involvement in organizations, clubs, and activities when she applies. However, is that the truth? This is actually entirely true. Admission directors look for determination, devotion,  leadership and initiative in students to make sure they would be a good fit at their school.

So what can you do to help you get into your dream school? Join a club here at NDP, where there are tons to choose from.

The Club Fair was held in early October, but it is never too late to get involved. Do various cultures inspire or interest? Do you consider yourself an animal rights activist? Is baking your specialty? Is your secret passion taking pictures? Do you have an interest in architecture? You can pursue your interests here at NDP in clubs.

Getting involved here at school can help you branch out to all different kinds of activities that you may have never known you’d be interested in. Through the clubs and activities, you can make great friends with whom you share your interests with. You never know what you can get into by just staying active in the community.

Not sure which clubs are right for you? Here are some descriptions of clubs here at school:

In the Athletic Association (AA), we organize the Athletic Association dance, Gym Meet, Spirit Games and Dodge 4 Love.  The Athletic Association is a great and way to get involved at NDP, especially if you’re interested in athletics.

SADD is a national organization dedicated to keeping all students, especially high school students, safe as they are surrounded by the daily pressures of society.  People should join it because good friends want to keep each other safe and we have a lot of unique and exciting activities planned for this year!

Club Umoja has parties for the kids from the Umoja summer camp. We play games, do arts and crafts and have pizza. It’s really exciting, and the kids are great. We also visit Douglass Homes, which is where some of the campers live. We go on Fridays after school and have snacks, play board games and do a craft. The kids at Douglass are from Session 2 Camp Umoja, and they’re all fantastic.

In Speech and Debate, we debate a different topic in competitions once a month. Practices are really lenient, so you can do debate and a sport or other club at the same time.

In Japanese Club, we help spread the Japanese culture through fun activities such as origami and anime watching. We also advertise events that are centered around Japanese culture.

The Photography Club meets once about every month to judge photographs taken by club members based on a certain theme. Anyone who is interested in learning more about photographs can join, and this club is a great way to show off your artwork.

Youth and Government is an accurate representation of the legislative process.  We go to Annapolis for three days and do what actual Senators and Representatives for Maryland do.  You should join this club if you want to learn more about how your government works.

The “It’s Academic” team competes against teams from area schools.  Plus, we compete on WJZ’s “It’s Academic” TV quiz show.

The Environmental Club organizes school-wide recycling.  We try to promote awareness of environmental issues and encourage stewardship of the environment.

CCAP is a great organization that raises money and awareness about the greater community around NDP. We run blood drives, Penny Queen, the Christmas dance and various other fundraisers that allow us to donate to many charities over the year. It’s a great way to get involved and is extremely beneficial!

Book Club is a relaxed club that has good discussions on fun books. We also get to do cool things like reading the work of and getting to know visiting authors.

Humanities Club just started last year, so it’s really new, and we need as many people to come out as possible! It’s a lot of fun and right now we are working on planning a ghost tour for our senior capstone course topic, “fear.” We really encourage all the humanities classes to join, and those who aren’t in humanities. It’s for anyone who’s interested, and we’re trying to plan very fun activities this year. Last year we had Indian dance and food to go along with one of the novels we read in class.

The Habitat for Humanity Club works with Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna and goes on Saturday builds throughout the school year to help give deserving families a home of their own. It’s a lot of fun and makes you feel really accomplished, so everyone should give it a try!

Baking Club is ” a bunch of people coming together and sharing their baked goods”! As a member, you bake, do community service and have a lot of fun.

Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) gives a voice to animals who need one.  Throughout the year we discuss animal issues, watch movies and visit shelters to play with the animals!

The Student Council is the main leadership organization at NDP. We run really fun events like Spring Dance, Tree Trim, Mother Daughter Brunch, Student Faculty Board and Open House. Everyone is welcome to come to meetings and share your ideas!

The Respect Life Club strives to learn about and take against societal life issues (including but not limited to abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment) through discussion, prayer and other events. As future women leaders of society, NDP students should join in order to educate themselves about these dilemmas and stand up against injustice.