A Senior’s Reflection on 4 Years Flown By


Photo courtesy of Summer Nelson.

Madison Villarba, Co-Editor

With graduation only a few weeks away, a lot of seniors such as myself have begun to look back on their time here at NDP, and I think it’s safe to say that these past four years have certainly been a rollercoaster.

It seems like just yesterday when we first arrived at NDP for our first orientation. Those first few weeks of school, we got acquainted with the once-confusing layout of NDP and, more importantly, with each other. We bonded more at freshman retreat, where we officially became the class of pink and orange. There were also plenty of other memorable firsts, like our first Tree Trim and our first Gym Meet. But then the pandemic began. Unbeknownst to us, we were sent home for what would be the rest of the school year. Yet, we did our best to make the most of it, staying up to date with schoolwork and staying in touch with friends.

After the adventure that was freshman year, we returned to NDP as sophomores, an experience which was certainly far from normal. We ate lunch in the tent, and we were only at school in-person for half of the week. Traditions also looked very different; many events were held online, and half of Gym Meet was even held on Love Field. We also had Wednesdays off of classes for asynchronous learning and different school events. Despite this, we were still able to make many memories and have a lot of fun with one another, even if not always in the way we expected to.

Junior year, things certainly began looking up. We were all excited to begin school back in-person. The excitement grew when we reached junior retreat and had the chance to go away for a couple of days with our advisories. Then, of course, there was all the excitement of ring. It was great to finally be welcomed to NDP as official upperclassmen, and the dance was definitely a fun night for all. We certainly finished the year strong, even if we did have to take exams for the first time since our freshman year. Junior year was one to remember, and one that transitioned to something even more exciting.

That brings us to now: the long-awaited senior year. Although much has changed since we first walked the hall as freshmen, the memories that we began making together remain equally powerful. After a first semester packed with all things college-related, we kicked off the new year with a trip to New York. Of course, there was the unforgettable senior sweep at our fourth and final Gym Meet. From big moments such as these to little everyday interactions in the slounge, the seniors have certainly done their best to make the most of their final year at NDP. However, exciting events like graduation, prom, and more are still on the horizon, so I know there are still so many more memories to be made with the Class of 2023.

Looking back on these four years, I think it’s safe to say that my time at NDP has certainly been an adventure. Although we’ve definitely faced our ups and downs, I wouldn’t want to do it with any other class.