Lenten Challenge Yourself

Katherine Phelan, Staff Writer

During the season of Lent, Christians all around the world are waiting for the Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ. It is a 40-day period symbolic of how Jesus spent 40 days suffering and fighting temptation in the desert. The Devil pestered Him to use His power saying it was through God, but Jesus fought hard and stayed strong remembering the teachings of the Lord. When He was starving, the Devil asked Him why He does not just turn some stones into bread with the Lord’s power to nourish His hunger but Jesus replies “It is written: ‘one does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God’”. The Devil left Jesus after numerous unsuccessful attempts to break His faith, and Jesus started His ministry.  

Now, in honor of fighting temptation as Jesus did, during the season of Lent many Christians participate in having a Lenten Challenge, to eventually grow closer to God. It is usually a decision to give something up, but sometimes people choose to add something into their life. It is quite common to give up sugar, coffee, social networking, or a bad habit, such as biting your nails. Things people add to their life usually consist of praying more, going to church more, complimenting or helping at least one person a day, and drinking more water. 

It can be really hard to fully cut out sugar, abruptly, the same thing with coffee. It may be a better idea to wane yourself off, so you are more likely to succeed with your goal. When coming up with a Lenten challenge try to think less about self-help and more about what will push you closer to God. Some other ideas that could help grow your relationship with God can include: less screen time (and set an actual goal, starting with 30 minutes less), reading 10 minutes of the bible a day, journaling every night before bed for 5 minutes (this time amount can grow as time goes on and it gets easier), and volunteering more often with a marginalized community.  

After asking many students in the NDP community, the majority of girls are giving up food from Café NDP. Here is a brief interview with sophomore student Peyton Pflaumer about that topic: 

Q: What has been your Lenten challenge this year? 

A: Not buying any more muffins from Café NDP. 

Q: How is that going? 

A: It is very hard, but I am going strong! It has been about 3 weeks and I haven’t bought any muffins yet. 

Q: How do you fight the temptation, especially when your peers are buying them and enjoying them right in front of you? 

A: I try to remember why I did this Lenten challenge. I have to remember how important it is to me to strengthen my relationship with God. 

Q: Good for you! I know you can make it! And the reward will be even more delicious because you will appreciate it even more! 

A: Yes, I can taste it now!


Sometimes, it can be awfully hard to stay as positive as Peyton though. I have definitely heard many girls talking about giving up within the first week, myself included. Kudos to all of you girls though, for even just trying! All in all, it is such an admirable thing to participate in a Lenten challenge, and want to strengthen your relationship with God.