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Sisterly Advice: Jan 2023


Sisterly Advice, your favorite advice column, is here! Read along as your sisters Shirley, Shelly, and Sheila answer some questions from the NDP student body.


“How do I tell my mom that I’ve been struggling with my relationship with food lately and really need help?” – Tired Terry

Shirley: You know what they say: honesty is the best policy. I say rip the band-aid off. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Shelly: First and foremost, you should be honest with your mom and tell her the truth, since she can and wants to help you. If that doesn’t work, I recommend turning to the American Girl Doll book series “The Caring and Keeping of You.” I think those books would be the perfect solution to your issue!

Sheila: Unfortunately, struggles with food and eating is something many teenagers experience at one point or another. Know that you are not alone and can overcome these challenges. First, commend yourself for your bravery in putting trust in your parent and reaching out for help. It takes a lot of strength to recognize when you are struggling and that you need to find support. Tell your mom you want to talk to her and arrange a place and time, preferably somewhere you know she will be receptive to the news. For example, you could ask her to come to your room to talk or take a walk together after dinner one night. Share your concerns openly and be honest about communicating what you need. You may want to do some research beforehand about how others in your situation have managed it. Together, you can discuss several different options for support. Remind your mom that you love and trust her, as this situation can be extremely daunting for parents to navigate, especially when they care and worry so much for their child. Your mom may not react exactly how you hope she will the first time out of fear and shock. Do not let this discourage you from seeking help. You are not responsible for her emotions, but try to keep an open and understanding mind. It will likely get easier to talk about this with her as time goes on. Again, remind yourself of the courage you have in this situation, and continue to have grace with yourself. You do not need to fight this alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other adults or counselors as well, if needed. I really hope this helps, and good luck!


We hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of Sisterly Advice! Continue to submit your questions here.

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Sisterly Advice: Jan 2023

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