A Look into National Catholic Schools Week


Aanya Chawla, Staff Writer

As the NDP community begins the new year, National Catholic Schools Week (NCSW) approaches. National Catholic Schools Week is held for seven days, starting from the last Sunday in January. At NDP, this week is a great chance to acknowledge the values and accomplishments that the Catholic schools have passed on to the Church and every citizen for decades!

In 1783, St. Mary’s School in Philadelphia was the first Catholic institution to open in the United States. By the 1920s, nearly two million students had enrolled in about 6,000 Catholic elementary schools, which also employed 42,000 teachers. Since then, Catholic education has gained widespread acceptance as a valuable educational option.

During NCSW, Catholic masses, gatherings, seminars, and a variety of other events are typically held during the week for every family, parishioner, and member of the community. The quality and distinction of Catholic schools can be seen through these events, especially for the younger children who attend school.

National Catholic Schools Week is important because it highlights education. Catholic schools center on setting high standards for every student that is enrolled. They prepare students to achieve and become leaders that add value to society. They help nurture the students not just to become smarter, but also to develop morals and self-discipline. Most importantly, these schools not only highlight the importance of self-respect but also the need to respect and serve others.

The theme for NCSW this year is “Faith, Excellence, and Service”. At NDP, each day of the week will focus on a different topic and activity. There will be prayers each morning appreciating the parents, students, teachers, and administrators, along with a school-wide mass celebrating the week.

The easiest way to share about this amazing week is to let everyone in the community learn about it either by word of mouth or on social media, using the hashtag #CatholicSchoolsWeek.

Have a great National Catholic Schools Week!