A Ring Day to Remember


Photo credit: Mrs. Caine

Kate Wiley, Social Media Coordinator, Staff Writer

On the morning of November 4, 2022, every NDP junior woke up with excitement, knowing that this was the day they had waited for their entire high school careers, and for some, even longer. Hampton Lane was buzzing with energy as the rest of the school anxiously waited to watch this momentous occasion.

Ring has always been an enormous part of the sisterhood we feel with our classmates. At NDP, ring is more than just a special day or a piece of jewelry. The moment that the entire junior class puts on their rings is the moment that we all truly become upperclasswomen. Our class rings symbolize our sisterhood, and they connect us to all of the previous generations of NDP alumnae who received their rings in the exact same way. Gloria Healy ’18 said it best: “Our rings are a tangible reminder of the bond between sisters that will last a lifetime.”

However, this ring day felt different than before. This year’s Ring Ceremony was the first truly “normal” Ring Ceremony since 2019. The entire day was so much fun. We began in the auditorium with a beautiful liturgy, followed by some remarks by Sister Patricia. Then, Sister Patricia proceeded to hand each girl their ring, right before we sang our class song. 156 voices sang about how these are the times to remember, and I will never forget that perfect moment. Our class president, Maggie Back, gave a memorable speech about our sisterhood and led the moment we all had been waiting for: putting on our rings. The rest of the day was a blur. Soon enough, we were taking pictures outside at the Gateway, rushing to hair appointments, getting ready with friends, taking more pictures, dancing in party buses, enjoying the full-grade pre-party that Anna Lynn most graciously provided, dancing under the huge ring in the NDP cafeteria, and finally crashing at a friend’s house, exhausted from the day’s festivities. It certainly was a time to remember.

I think I speak for all of the juniors when I say that waking up the next morning with our rings on felt surreal. I could not believe that I was officially an upperclasswoman, and it made me look back on my two years at NDP. My high school years have been filled with self growth, learning, new friends, and a newfound appreciation for the here and now. I was so happy and grateful to have gotten the opportunity to share this most beloved tradition with my NDP sisters. Now that we have our rings, however, we have big shoes to fill. Remembering the seniors and past alums that came before us, we now know we need to exemplify everything in the NDP mission statement. These rings give us the courage to always try to do the right thing and become women who will transform the world. Whenever we look back at our rings, they will serve as a constant reminder not only of how we should strive to live our lives, but also of the unforgettable times we had at NDP.