Seniors Take on NYC!


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Keady.

Madison Sanschagrin, Staff Writer

Whenever I ask alumnae what their favorite part of their senior year was, they always mention the New York City trip. For years, girls have been going on this trip, making memories with their sisters that they will remember forever. Before going to New York, I could only dream about how amazing the trip would be. After waiting and waiting, the day was finally here: the day that the class of 2022 takes their turn to go to New York City. It’s a tradition that has been passed down year after year, and here we were, taking our turn! My friends and I took on one of the biggest cities, laughing, shopping, and eating some of the best food.

I had zero expectations for this trip. All I knew was that I wanted to make the most of each day, each minute. My friends and I were enjoying what had been long-awaited. We went to many different places, ate some very good food, and just enjoyed being with each other. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us, but one thing I can tell you is that not once during this trip was I not smiling, laughing, or crying (because I was laughing so hard)! The New York City trip was something I could have never imagined. This trip would not have been so amazing if it was not for the chaperones that put this trip together. They made each day, each dinner, each play, and each tour memorable. Their dedication to making sure we had a good time did not go unnoticed. They made sure we had the best senior trip a girl could dream of, and it was for sure that.

The Senior New York City trip is not about who has the best outfits, who buys the nicest things, or who does the most stuff. It is about way more. It is about taking time with your friends and classmates in a tradition that has been here at NDP for years. It is about realizing that we are the seniors on the trip. For years, we waited to be those seniors, taking on the city, and here we finally are. The best part about New York was not the food, nor the shopping, nor the plays. It was the laughter I heard, the smiles I saw, and the memories that each of us made. We just made a footprint in what has been such a long path of classes. We have taken our turn, and I could not imagine the trip going any other way. Thank you to my sisters and my chaperones who made this trip unforgettable. I will forever be thankful for those four days, the laughter, and the smiles. Now, I take on a new role; I am the person telling those younger girls that one of the best parts of my senior year was the New York trip.