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Sisterly Advice: Dec. 2021


Shirley, Shelly, and Sheila

Welcome to NDP’s December issue of “Sisterly Advice,” your favorite advice column! Read along as your sisters Shirley, Shelly, and Sheila answer some more questions from the NDP student body.


“How can someone budget their money for lunches?” – Anonymous Abby

Shirley: When you got to eat, you got to eat. To be honest, I asked for more lunch money for Christmas, so I don’t know what to tell you… however, the eight-dollar specials are not worth it.

Shelly: I love the school lunches, but when I need to save my money, I try to only get food from the café once or twice a week. On the days I don’t get food from the café, I bring food from home. Maybe try packing foods that you really like in your lunch or things similar to what’s at the café.

Sheila: I feel you! I spend my money way too fast. This year, I have limited myself to only one meal a week (pasta, of course) and drinks when I need them. I also have a set amount of money in my account that has to last me through the semester. This has helped me think about what is really worth my money. I hope this helps!


“There was a club I was interested in that doesn’t exist anymore, and I was thinking of restarting it. Can a club start during the year, or would I need to wait until next year?”

Shirley: I hate to say it but you’re asking the wrong people…

Shelly: If you want to make that club happen, I’m sure you can. Talk to a teacher that may be interested in it, and see if they can help. Then see if you have any friends who want to join and get the club started. Good luck!

Sheila: Hello! You should absolutely start the club! This would be a great way to get involved and meet new people. You can start a club at whatever point in the year, but I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later, so you have the rest of the year to run it. To start a club, you need to find a teacher who can be the moderator, and then you can take your club idea to the dean of students. Good luck!


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Sisterly Advice: Dec. 2021

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