Upcoming Fall Musical: All Together Now!


Sophia Portillo, Staff Writer

This year, NDP has been given the privilege of continuing its amazing tradition of the annual fall musical. After much consideration, it has been decided that the fall musical will be a musical review of famous and well-known musical scenes. This exciting production has been announced as “All Together Now! A Global Event Celebrating Theater.”

I had the chance to interview a fellow cast member, Claire Schafer. Claire was super excited to talk about the upcoming musical; however, she did mention that it was a “little scary” to be back and performing onstage after the COVID-19 pandemic. Claire has enjoyed her time with the cast and crew and believes that this will be a spectacular musical review. She says, “Ms. Ward and Mrs. Bilenki are great! They really lead us all, and the cast are extremely grateful!”

“All Together Now!” is an exclusive musical review featuring songs from MTI’s most loved shows. The musical will feature Upper Level performers in 15 musical numbers. Notre Dame Preparatory School is among 3,500 schools and theaters worldwide taking part in this endeavor by Music Theatre International. The musical review offers NDP flexibility to tailor the show to highlight the best talents of our performers, to explore our creative vision, and to meet the needs of our audience.

So, I encourage our student body to come and witness this great celebration of theater, “All Together Now!” on November 12, 13, and 14.