Stone Soup Day

Olivia Sobkowicz, Staff Writer

One of Notre Dame Prep’s beloved annual traditions is Stone Soup Day. This year, Stone Soup Day will take place on November 19. This tradition is based around the famous story entitled “Stone Soup”. 

In this story, there is a small, poor, and hungry town. The villagers who live there are greedy and refuse to share their food with one another. One day, a weary traveler came through the town and knocked on one of the villages doors, asking for food. A woman opened the door and the man asked for food, but the woman refused, saying that she had none to give, and she closed the door on him. However, the man was still hungry and wasn’t willing to give up. Picking up a stone, he knocked on the door and told her that he could make soup from a stone. The woman invites him in, and he begins the stone soup. He boils a pot of water and places the stone inside. Throughout the story, he continues to say that the soup would be better if it had new ingredients. More and more of the villagers begin to bring different ingredients and the soup is made. After all the ingredients are in, the traveler says that soup is ready. So much soup was made that the villagers began to think that the stone was magical and asked where they could find another one. The traveler shook his head and pulled the still intact stone out of the pot. The village and traveler then feasted on the soup together and from that day on, the village shared what they had with each other.  

This story teaches us many valuable lessons from the importance of sharing to the necessity of being kind to one another. On November 19th, Notre Dame Prep will come together to make our own stone soup; each advisory will bring in an ingredient that will be added to the soup. These ingredients will be mixed together to make NDP’s version of this amazing story, which will be sold at lunch to the school, along with a piece of bread. These funds then go to various clubs and organizations. This is a great way to fund some really great causes through service. Have a great Stone Soup Day!