A Summer in Summary


Photo courtesy of Ms. Burns.

Madison Villarba, Co-Editor

With the pandemic, social distancing, and hybrid learning, the past school year was certainly far from normal. Yet, before we knew it, summer arrived. With the return of events such as the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, millions of people getting the vaccine, and more and more places of business reopening, we were able to have a relatively normal summer. Whether people were on vacation or sitting from the comfort of home, many found a way to have a great summer.

Many students took part in NDP’s famous WIN program. This year, the opportunities either took place on Zoom or in-person. On Zoom, students listened to sponsors and asked them questions about their careers. For the in-person opportunities, students had a chance to shadow sponsors at their places of work and receive great hands-on experience in the field. Students learned more about the careers they’re interested in, asked questions, and spoke with experts in various professional fields. This year’s WIN program was a great success thanks to Mrs. Mantler.

Another activity many people took part in this summer was service. Just as he does throughout the school year, Mr. Pomplon led many activities throughout the summer. Whether they volunteered for one day or for the whole week, many students went to First Fruits Farm to help harvest fruits and vegetables, sort items, and move boxes. Others volunteered as counselors for NDP’s week-long, annual Sisters Academy Camp and were able to participate in games, sports, and more. Finally, students volunteered at NDP’s various sports camps for prospective and current students.

As I’m sure many other students have, I have thought a lot about college and the SAT this past summer. From SAT practice online to getting help from tutors, SAT prep has certainly taken on different forms, many of which students have taken good advantage of. Students also worked on college research and applications. For example, some traveled to visit the colleges they want to consider. Additionally, NDP counselors offered the opportunity to help juniors begin working on their college essays.

Finally, as with every summer break, people had fun. Many went on vacation to the beach, visited big cities, and flew to other out-of-state destinations. Some played sports at various tournaments and camps. Others rewatched their favorite TV shows and movies and enjoyed some new movies like “Black Widow” or the return of TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Students might have also taken advantage of opportunities provided by NDP, such as camps for clubs like NDP Gateway and campus ministry.

Although these three months seemed to have gone by so quickly, the summer was certainly eventful. Now that the season has come to a close, we are all certainly eager to see how this next school year will play out; so here’s to another summer enjoyed and a great school year to come!