Back to School Study Tips

Studying Inspo, Aesthetics and Inspo.,  Accessed 24 Aug. 2021.

Studying Inspo, Aesthetics and Inspo., Accessed 24 Aug. 2021.

Reilly White, Assistant Editor

As the school year begins once again, it is, unfortunately, time to get back into good study habits. With so much change and so many adjustments this year, these three tips will be the key to your academic organization and success.

1. The Perfect Atmosphere

As obvious as it may sound, your studying atmosphere can greatly affect your concentration and focus. To start out, put away distractions such as your phone. Make sure you are comfortable in a productive place such as a desk, where the most work can be done. Listening to music or background noise at lower volume has been proven to help you stay attentive, and chewing gum or drinking coffee or tea, depending on the time of day, helps your mind stay active while studying. Use these tips to perfect your studying atmosphere.

2. Morning Memorization

Your brain is most receptive to knowledge approximately 15 minutes after you wake up. Even though we all tend to cram and study at night, this habit has been proven ineffective. At night, you’re tired and your mind is foggy, whereas, in the morning, your mind is fresh and inclined to remember. This tendency can best be used for last-minute studying and review.

3. Flashcards

Physical flashcards are by far the most effective way of studying. They are specifically designed to build up your active recall, which is a very successful way of improving your memory of certain material. Even though digital flashcards have the same effect, the act of writing down studying facts will enhance your memory even more. Make sure you use physical flashcards for significant tests and exams to retain the most information.

On account of returning to school, studying will be taking over our lives once again. However, hopefully, these study habits and tips will make the whole process easier and more beneficial for all of us.