Gym Meet 2021

Madison Villarba, Assistant Editor

Without a doubt, Gym Meet is one of NDP’s most beloved traditions. It’s something many students and faculty members look forward to each year, and, despite how crazy these past few months have been, this year is no exception.

Even back in October and November, we began thinking about Gym Meet and met to discuss class themes. After that, it was only a matter of time before committee meetings and practices began. For months, each class’s committees met to plan their routines, write their songs, and create their posters, working through all the challenges presented by the pandemic. Whether practices were indoor or outdoor, committees could meet in person or on Zoom, and everyone could certainly feel the excitement of Gym Meet as it drew nearer and nearer.

Throughout the week of March 21st, each class’s odds and ends committee began decorating their section of the gym. These posters and decorations, filled with each class’s colors, each showcased one of our four themes this year: 2024 Hits the Dance Floor, ‘23 in the Chocolate Factory, ‘22 with a Clue, and Senior Speedway: The Final Lap. At the practices that week, each class’s song committee and chosen group of students recorded their amazing songs to be judged and to be played as the girls performed outside during the recording of Gym Meet.

Things really began picking up that Friday. The four class posters were revealed, and students and faculty had a chance during the school day to head over to the New Gym and check them out. Later that afternoon, the senior class even had a chance to gather together in the New Gym to celebrate our Gym Meet liturgy. Finally, after a long day, the seniors, led by their odds and ends committee, stayed after dismissal to decorate the entire school in the spirit of Gym Meet.

With the arrival of Monday came the Gym Meet recording day. At different intervals, each class got the chance to come into school and perform their march, song, dance, and aerobics routines. At the same time, the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes each got a chance to view our Gym Meet liturgy. The day was certainly filled with excitement, class pride, and the unmistakable Gym Meet spirit.

While we may not have been able to have a traditional Mini Meet this year, students still had a chance to perform for fun while dressed up in their class colors. On Tuesday, the juniors and seniors got a chance to put on an outdoor performance of their Gym Meet routines for their parents. On Wednesday, the freshmen and sophomores got the same opportunity, but indoors due to the rain. Overall, both days were filled with fun and class spirit.

On Wednesday night, the long-awaited streaming of Gym Meet finally arrived. Each class wowed us with their performances, and finally, once all the performances were done, the winners of Gym Meet 2021 were announced. Congratulations to the seniors, the winners of poster, march, song, aerobics, and dance plaques, and the coveted silver cup! Congratulations to all the NDP students for their dedication, teamwork, and amazing performances.

This year has certainly been unpredictable. Thanks to such a great Gym Meet season, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of third quarter and the beginning of spring break!