Mrs. Dohmeier Wows the Freshmen with a Taylor Swift Concert


Mrs. Dohmeier in performance mode!

Anna Seal, Staff Writer

The Class of 2024 was blessed with a surprise serenade last Monday from NDP’s own Mrs. Dohmeier. The unsuspecting freshmen walked into English class expecting a mundane discussion surrounding “The Odyssey” but were shocked to find an impromptu concert awaiting them.

Mrs. Dohmeier, an English teacher and member of her parish’s choir, wanted to bring some lighthearted fun to a month filled with heavy winter weather and pandemic challenges. Armed with some Taylor Swift classics, she was able to do just that. Starting out with old-school Taylor, Mrs. Dohmeier sang out “The Story of Us,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Our Song.” The classroom, filled with many self-proclaimed Swifties, erupted in laughter and cheer. Jane D. of ’24 exclaimed, “I loved the energy and passion Mrs. Dohmeier brought to the classroom on Monday. I had no idea she was a Swiftie! Now I know for sure that my English teacher is hip and can belt it like no other.”

Following some tunes with a country vibe, the star English teacher entered her own Reputation era with versions of “Getaway Car” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” Just as Taylor rebranded during the release of this album, Mrs. Dohmeier made a quick costume change to display plenty of bold colors and dramatic accessories. While Taylor sported winged eyeliner, Mrs. Dohmeier sported a pink and green outfit to display her support of the Class of 2024. Student Bella T. was shocked by this outfit change, stating, “I had no idea Mrs. Dohmeier could be so bold! She truly showed us a new side of herself! Maybe we should devote extra class time to exploring the deeper meaning behind Taylor Swift lyrics instead of analyzing Homer.” Bella’s classmate, Emily, interjected, “I think we can bring this Reputation energy to ‘The Odyssey’! Full of drama and surprise, just like this concert, we can definitely translate the swag to classic lit.” No matter one’s position on Homer, it is undeniable that the Reputation era of this concert left little to be desired with booming vocals, striking fashion, and lots of good vibes.

Planning to end the concert there, Mrs. Dohmeier was shocked by the booming call for an encore. Of course, she had to oblige and decided to switch it up and rock some of Taylor’s latest folksy tunes. She started with some of summer’s greatest hits from the “folklore” album, “cardigan” and “my tears ricochet.” Needless to say, the crowd was left with plenty of emotion from this deep performance. Caroline exclaimed, “I had no idea we could go through such a rollercoaster of emotions on an ordinary Monday morning.” Refusing to leave out cult classic “evermore,” Mrs. Dohmeier stopped the concert on a high note after performances of “dorothea,” “no body, no crime,” and “champagne problems.”

Even in bleak times, Mrs. Dohmeier sees the value in bringing fun, energy, and excitement into the classroom. Many teachers have noticed the challenges brought to students by the pandemic, and aim to act as a support network and a source of joy for them. An easy way to spark happiness is through the lyrical genius of everyone’s favorite pop icon. Be sure to keep your eyes out for any more surprise serenades. Maybe Harry Styles is next!