Mrs. Clarke poses as the Statue of Liberty.

Caroline Wilking, Co-Editor

On Friday, January 29, the senior class would have been in the Big Apple for the annual New York Trip. Due to COVID-19, however, that was not possible this year. While the trip may not have been able to happen as planned, a group of faculty and parents put together a fun night at school for the seniors: “A Little NYC Comes to NDP.” The courtyard was transformed into Time Square, complete with food trucks, city lights, and even celebrity sightings. In the Ice Cube, seniors were able to shop at stands from unique local stores and well-known brands such as Lilly Pulitzer. Even though Towson may not be as extravagant as New York City, the senior class was able to dine, shop, and dance the night away right here at NDP.

Images: Notre Dame Preparatory School