Sisterly Advice: Volume 3, Issue III


Sharon, Carol , and Karen

Why does the bathroom near the stairwell near the Spanish rooms smell so bad literally everyday? – Bathroom Bertha 

Sharon: Bathroom Bertha, Thanks for asking. This is actually where we mix the polyjuice potion. It’s getting a bit stale and starting to give off fumes. Will move soon. 

Karen: I don’t know… maybe it has to do with the airflow in that stairwell?

Carol: Dear Bathroom Bertha, Unfortunately, no one knows. We will continue to investigate, but for now it remains one of the great mysteries of NDP. 


Why can’t I get a boyfriend like my friend? – Silly Lily    

Sharon: Silly Lily, I too have this problem. However, I do have a trademarked and proven 5-step solution: 1. Change your hair a bit so he notices. 2. Drop your things in front of him. 3. When he bends over to help, capture him. 4. Keep him as your own. 5. No longer single!! You’re welcome! 

Karen: Dear Silly Lily, I know its hard, but focus on yourself for now! High school is a time for forming your own identity. Instead of worrying about getting a boyfriend, spend more time with your friends or exploring new hobbies! With time, that special someone will come along when you’re ready.

Carol: Dear Silly Lily, Don’t worry about getting a boyfriend. It will happen when the time is right and the guy is right. Try not to be jealous of your friend and just focus on enjoying high school. Focus on your schoolwork and extracurriculars. If you want to meet more boys, go to mixers or sports games at their schools. Just trust me that you will get a boyfriend when the time is right.  


Sharon, So somebody saw some Samaritan swaying sideways so Samantha shook silly snakes. She started singing some song surrounding salt. Salads simply sell so some salesman said. Samantha sawed some sauerkraut sandwich spread so somebody sampled some sausages. So should Samantha sing softly? Simply Shocked 

Sharon: Simply Shocked, saying stuff simply so Sharon screams IS NOT VERY NICE. But yes, she should sing softly… 

Karen: I love sauerkraut! 

Carol: Dear Simply Shocked, I am simply shocked at the amount of time it must have taken you to write this. I think Samantha should sing loudly if you ask me.  


I am a junior nervous about picking classes that won’t be too hard but will reflect well on college applications next year. If I’m average at most things and taking all Phase 4 classes with a grade range of 85-90, what should I do? APs would be difficult but I’m scared of not taking any while here at NDP. Curious Charlotte 

Sharon: Curious Charlottte, As I’ve said many times to many people, it looks like dropping out is the only viable solution in this situation. 

Karen: Dear, Curious Charlotte, I would say take one AP class and stick with Phase 4 for your other classes. That way, you will be challenged with one class, and your other classes will be difficult but not too difficult, which keeps your GPA up. Remember, moderation is key. Good luck!

Carol: Dear Curious Charlotte, Here is what you need to think about: what would look more impressive: a high grade in a Phase 4 class or a low grade in an AP? Most likely, colleges will want to see higher grades in Phase 4 classes (because those are still honors classes). That said, maybe take an AP in a class you really like. This way colleges will see that you are challenging yourself. So if you enjoyed Chemistry sophomore year, try taking AP Chem next year. If you don’t consider yourself an English person, don’t take AP English because you may feel unmotivated. Consider your strengths and interests on certain classes and consult with teachers about what they think. Overall, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to take the hardest classes you can. You will want to enjoy your senior year too! Just remember that grades are only one portion of your college applications and there are many other ways for you to show colleges how smart and talented you are! Good luck!  


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