A Great Way to CCAP Off September

Madison Villarba, Staff Writer

For almost an entire month, I had heard so much about the CCAP dance. From what I had been hearing, it sounded like many of my classmates had found their dresses (and even their dates) months before school even started. I thought that was crazy. At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole idea of even going to CCAP. I figured it was just a high school dance. What’s so special about it? Now, after having gone, I think to myself that I could not have been more wrong.

On September 27, NDP’s freshmen and sophomores eagerly awaited to get out of school and start getting ready for the CCAP dance. At home, they put on their beautiful dresses, fixed their hair, and applied their finishing touches. Pretty soon, they met up with their dates and made their way to NDP.

With tables and chairs pushed aside, NDP’s dining room was transformed into a great dance floor complete with a DJ booth. The entire time at CCAP, the air was buzzing with excitement and joy. I loved the experience. It was so much fun seeing all my friends from school. Everyone looked amazing in their beautiful dresses, and everyone seemed to have so much fun dancing and singing along to the music.

The night was filled with lively dancing. As I watched everyone hanging out with all their friends and their dates, I realized that school dances weren’t half bad. The dance was truly a great experience, not only for me, but also I’m sure for everyone who went. Not to mention, the free glow sticks were fun, and they really helped set the theme of “Glow in the Dark.”

The dance lasted until ten, but that didn’t stop the fun. Many went to various after parties and restaurants to continue the night’s festivities.

Now that I’ve gone to CCAP, I certainly don’t regret going. I learned that CCAP is not just a dance; it’s about tradition and about growing closer to those around you. So, when next year comes around, I know that I will definitely be going to CCAP again.