Breaking the Ice: Transitioning to High School


Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams’ Religion class poses for a picture.

Christina Biuckians, Staff Writer

I hate ice breakers. The last thing I want to do is stand in a circle at 9 a.m., get a ball thrown at me, drop the ball like the clumsy girl I am, and then tell the whole class that I’m not the most coordinated person out there. However, I recently transitioned from middle to high school, and at first, I felt extremely intimidated by my grade tripling in number and moving out of that homey middle level hallway. Surprisingly, those ice breakers (that I was originally not too fond of) aided me in getting to know my new classmates, and we’ve been able to figure out all of the different challenges of high school together.

Managing classes, getting to know new classmates, memorizing the layout of the school, and learning my schedule are just a few of the tasks I faced almost immediately when arriving at school for the first time this year. After a relaxing summer, I had no clue on how to approach any of it. Luckily, NDP’s supportive environment allowed me to take on these different challenges with confidence and right by the side of many other freshmen.

Along with NDP’s environment, the teachers also made the switch from middle to high school quite smooth. Every teacher I’ve had has made an effort to get to know the students, make class more interesting for us, and make sure everyone felt happy and sure of themselves. I can’t help but enjoy high school more already, even after being warned of the intense workload and the hours of studying to come. The teachers have made me feel that I am ready to take the world on head-first. (Okay, maybe not the world, but definitely high school.)

One final thing that has made high school so enjoyable thus far has to be the peers that walk the halls with me. I have met so many new girls that I love to talk with and be around, and personally, I think that we have an amazing grade. Despite different tastes, personalities, and extracurricular activities, everyone seems to get along extremely well, and I hope this trend continues for all four years here at NDP and even beyond.

No, I still don’t know exactly where all my classes are or what everyone’s name is (it’s only been a few weeks), but I’m excited to learn more from my teachers and new classmates and enjoy the experience that is high school. Here’s the point: I know that high school will be a wild ride (and one that I hear goes by in the blink of an eye), but I’m just glad to be lucky enough to go through all of the ups and downs and twists and turns at Notre Dame Preparatory School.