Sisterly Advice: April 2019 Edition


Sharon , Karen , and Carol

Is it worth it to get a spray tan? — Ghostly Gale

Should I get a spray tan for sprance?? — Pale patsy

Sharon: Dear y’all, Please refer to a previous edition in which I outlined how to do your own at home DIY tan using Cheetos.

Karen: Gale and Patsy, get a spray tan if you want to. YOLO. But please make sure it’s not too orange.

Carol: Dear Ghostly Gale and Pale Patsy, Spray tans…what a prevalent issue here. If you really want one, then get one. BUT please don’t just get a spray tan because everyone else is doing it. You are beautiful no matter what color your skin is!


My cat is my best friend in the entire world. What am I going to do next year in college? Will she be okay? Will I be okay? — Patty

Sharon: Dear Patty, Cats fit in suitcases. Make a small hole. Problem solved. You’re welcome. I’m so good at my job.

Karen: Hi Patty, bring your cat to college. No one has to know.

Carol: Dear Patty, You can have your parents Facetime you every week so you can see your cat. You can also take lots of pictures of her and hang them in your dorm room. The separation will probably be hard at first, but just remember that you will get to see her during breaks and possibly on weekends (depending on where you go to college). Also remember the age old wisdom that distance makes the heart grow fonder.


How many APs should I take as a sophomore? — Funky Fannie

Sharon: Dear Funky Fannie, I keep stressing this but I feel like no one listens to me. Drop out.

Karen: Fannie, take one or two. Make sure to keep challenging yourself, but also make sure you are taking care of your mental health and you still have time for friends and family. And if you feel like your classes are way too much to handle, you can phase down.

Carol: Dear Funky Fannie, I would take as many as you think you can handle. APs at NDP tend to require a significant amount of time and work ethic. Try to take an AP if it is in a subject that interests you because then it will feel less like “work.” I know most people at NDP don’t take APs sophomore year because there haven’t been any options before. If you can take one or two I would say go for it, but make sure you still have free time and mental sanity.


How do I teach freshman to not stop in the middle of the hallway? — Jimmy Fallon

Sharon: Dear Jimmy Fallon, Violence is never the answer *wink*

Karen: Hi Jimmy Fallon, they’ll learn eventually. Give them time.

Carol: Dear Jimmy Fallon, Please just politely tell them. Remember: choose kindness.


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