Gym Meet 2019 in Review


Picture from last gym meet when the current juniors won "best poster".

Moraa Nyakoe, Staff Writer

Gym Meet 2019 was quite a show. With themes like video games, circus, science, and slumber party, the parents were sure to enjoy. A word from each captain was enough to express the joy shared by all.

“I am so proud of my class and all the work they put in! Grateful no one went to bed early at this sleepover.” Piper Laudeman ’22

“Working with all my sophomore scientists has been so fun!” Lauren Bailey ’21

“If Gym Meet were a food it would be chicken wings, my most favorite food….” Jules Oler ’20

“I am so proud of the Class of 2019 for all their hard work this year! Our final Gym Meet was one I will never forget!!” Libby Sudano ’19

Now all that is left to do is get excited for Gym Meet 2020. The 90th gym meet sure was one to remember.