AP Part 1: Study Tips

Mary Lorenz, Staff Writer

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As AP exams get closer, study sessions become increasingly necessary. Take time to read through these study tips to get the most out of your experience.

  1. Make a schedule. It can be hard to cover everything from a year’s worth of material, so plan out which topics you will cover and when. By mapping out a plan, it will make it easier to organize your time. Additionally, you will know what exactly what you have and haven’t studied yet.
  2. Hold yourself accountable. Use the schedule you already made to hold yourself accountable for study time. If it helps, make appointments on a calendar. Studying in groups can also make accountability easier because others are depending on you to be there.
  3. Ask questions. If you still feel shaky on specific concepts, go to your teacher. They will often be able to help you within a matter of minutes.
  4. Create a study space. Set aside a desk or table in your house and use it exclusively for studying. If your house isn’t the best place for you to study, try going to the library or another quiet space. Consistency is key. If you always study in the same place, it will be easier for your brain to switch into study mode.
  5. Know which study strategies work best for you. Flashcards, practice tests, and recordings are all helpful methods, but some are more effective for certain people. By now, you should know a few skills that work best for your learning style. Don’t change them! It’s great to try new things, but if you know one way works, don’t risk using a less effective method.
  6. Use online resources. Often, AP prep sites are all over the Internet. Many offer valuable tips in studying for specific tests. Finding credible online resources can make the study process much more smooth.
  7. Know whether you prefer studying alone or with friends. Some people find that studying in a group helps with recall immensely. Others think that collaboration can be distracting. Figure out which one you like best and use it as often as possible. It’s probably best to study the same class at the same time instead of each person studying something different. Aim to have a study group with people taking the same AP class. If you study alone, set out a certain time each day for studying.
  8. Try to make it enjoyable. Studying is not the most fun activity, but you can make it better. For instance, if you study in a group, bring snacks. If you use flashcards, use as much color as possible. By creating aspects of studying to look forward to, it won’t seem so boring.