CW Project Greenway 2018!


photo credits to Molly Ridgely

Sydney Burns, Assistant Editor

Get ready for the most stylish runway show NDP has seen yet…CW Project Greenway 2018! In this environmentally-green fashion show, a multitude of creations are sent down the runway, each impressive in their own ways. Recyclable items are used and turned into wearable fashion! Some of the designs included this year was an inventive movie-ticket dress, a stunning galaxy themed gown with jewelry decoration, a mermaid-themed dress, and dresses made from Dunkin Donuts materials. All of the designs ranged from casual wear to gowns. Each year, the students reach further and further out of the box in order to create stunning fashion made out of unconventional materials! This year, the judges did not disappoint. The highlight of the comments came from our very own Mr. Bender, quoting lines from The Office as Michael Scott. All of the judges this year were comical and insightful, highlighting the beauty of all of the creations.

Every year after the fashion show, the students get to vote on their choices for five categories. This year, the winners were Christina Battaglia, Tavi Steckel, and Claire Walsh’s tie-dress for Best Group Design, Maggie Franz’s movie-ticket gown for both Most Creative Use of Materials and Most “Green,” Haley Metzger’s galaxy gown for Best Individual Design, and finally Keagan Plume and Maria Diacoloukas’s gorgeous jean outfit for Most Wearable Design. Great job to all of the winners and to anyone who participated! Your talent was very evident in this year’s runway show.

The show was phenomenal and congratulations to all of the girls who participated! Also a shout out to Manager and Co-Manager this year, Liz Regler and Hiya Sawhney, and to all of the art teachers for making the show a success! Any of the designs displayed were worthy of the red-carpet or even to wear in day to day life. Never lose that passion for design and for being inventive! I can’t wait to see what Project Greenway puts out next year!