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“I’m Eating for Charity”

Penny Queen 2017

Danielle Escobal, Staff Writer

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The week of Penny Queen is certainly the week for NDP students to splurge on desserts, raffle baskets, and even avocado toast. Penny Queen week, sponsored by the Christian Community Awareness Program, is a period of fundraising resulted from hilarious dares and delicious morning, lunch, and after-school treats. As Anna Gompers, a sophomore, puts it, “I’m eating for charity!” All money raised from this week goes towards El Salvador and Camp Umoja.

The class that raises the most money receives the honorable Penny Queen Banner. The senior class, led by senior Mary Tadeo, won the banner this year. A unique idea presented by the seniors was giving up their Senior Lounge for a day for the class who donated the most money.  The winner this year was the freshman class. Even though they were still new to this crazy week, Penny Queen Ellie deFries brought in a snow cone van, gaining a lot of popularity with the hungry students walking into the cafeteria. A junior, Sarah Sudano, dared to eat some of the hottest chicken wings, and created a huge crowd during lunch. Nina Corey, the sophomore Penny Queen, summarizes the fun and importance of this week, saying, “It [Penny Queen] is not only a way to become unified and grow closer to your class, but to raise money in a unique and fun way for amazing causes.”

As much as the bath bombs, enormous amounts of cookies, and early morning coffees and waffles add to the fun and NDP spirit, the importance of aiding and helping our community is much greater. The week of Penny Queen allows us help others outside from our own little corner in our own little ways. We can impact our world globally by impacting our world locally. Penny Queen week is surely a week no one wants to miss.

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“I’m Eating for Charity”