Humans of NDP: Thanksgiving Thoughts

Alexandra Docken, Staff Writer

Enjoy some quotes about Thanksgiving from some of your fellow NDP sisters below! Have a great break!

“Tip: Wear maternity pants so you can eat more food. And don’t eat turkey! If we all keep eating them on the same day, they’ll go extinct. Choose a nice tofu instead. And don’t drink water. You don’t want to take up room in your stomach with something as simple as water…” – Lucy Laudeman, Sophomore

“To me, Thanksgiving is all about celebrating all the blessings in our lives[,] from the food on our plates to the hands that prepared them. It is about letting go of complaints and worries and letting joy take its full effect.” – Allie Charney, Senior

“Family. Food. Football!” – Shannon Huey, Sophomore

“My family has hosted Thanksgiving since I can remember and I love the way the house smells of stuffing and turkey and amazing food and the sounds of family and people who we only see around this time of year[. S]o even though the smell of food the whole day is torture[,] I love Thanksgiving for the people and a day to realize just how lucky we are to just have food on the table.” – Alyssa Ritchie, Junior

“My family and I always make pilgrim cookies with Keebler cookies and marshmallows. One year, I left the box of cookies outside, and when I came back out, they were being eaten by pigeons!” – Christina Battaglia, Sophomore

“The turkey won’t be the only one that’s stuffed.” – Camille Arreza, Freshman

“I like Easter better. We eat lamb.” – Maria Lessis, Sophomore

“Thanksgiving is a time that helps me look back and think about everything I’m thankful for. During all of the stressful moments the year brings, it’s difficult to truly take a step back and show thanks. However, every year Thanksgiving gives me an opportunity to reflect and be thankful.” – Rhea Santos, Senior

“I’m glad Thanksgiving break is a tradition. I need it.” – Claire Walsh, Sophomore

“Get stuffed” – Gretchen Beernink, Junior

(In response to finding out another local high school only got 2 days off) “Ha, we get a whole week! #ndp4u” – Emili Yun, Sophomore


This holiday season, take time to reflect on everything you have in your life and take for granted, or as you have heard this year, the Beauty in Simplicity.